Union makes strength. Therefore, our logo is inspired by the Masonic symbol of the hand that represents this fraternity. The mysterious hand, sculpted in stone in the highest part of a wall on the corner of the Sant Carles and Soria del barrio streets at the Barceloneta.

Its origin is not documented but many theories have risen. One of them states that it was a circulation signal of that time. Others, appoint that there is a possibility that it was indicating the house of a freemason.

Without losing the sea and coast perspective, another important characteristic of the zone, the idea behind our logo is the fusion of two hands representing the union between the locals and the neighbourhood. And from another point of view, creating the visual effect of a wave which is a fundamental part of the association.

Yellow and blue, colours that are part of our logo and the flag of the ancient fishermens´ neighbourhood. Yellow for the sand, blue for the sea, the tones of the front maritime are coming along with us in the road to a better Barceloneta community.

The importance of buying fresh local products.
Practice your favourite sports outdoors at the Front Maritime.

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