Often, people discuss about the value of consuming local, seasonal products and the direct relationship that it holds along with the consumption of healthy food for our organism. This happens because day by day, the demand for quality products and ones that have been cultivated respecting environmental and labour conditions, increases.

The benefits of consuming local products are many. First, we know where the products that we consume are coming from, which guarantees security and higher quality. We also support the environmentally friendly consumption, making it become more sustainable by reducing the carbon releases from the transportation of these products from far apart areas. Moreover contribute economically to our country and its development since we buy products from family farms, favouring smaller producers.

Catalonia and specially the group that belongs to Front Maritim Barceloneta, bet for the local seasonal trading and quality of service. This is the reason why we reached Amadeu, a producer from the Maresme region. The Maresme has a mountainous zone with a specific microclimate and very favourable orographic conditions for farming. In this land we can find garlic, onion, calçots, green peas which are known as the Maresme pearls and artichokes characterized for being smaller, rounder and softer. The strawberries are also a star product, recognized by its vivid red colour and sweetness with the right saury taste at the end.

We could visit his crops and the optimal conditions in which he takes care and controls each of the steps for the growth of the food we consume and reaches directly our zone´s restaurants, looking after the quality of the dishes we offer by knowing its origins, benefiting the local producers and fostering the direct channel of agri-food commercialization.


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