The Associació Front Marítim Barceloneta (AFMB) has donated a total of 3,636 euros to the Hospital del Mar thanks to the micromanagement campaigns known under the name #1000raons and whose main objective has been to promote citizen awareness against breast cancer.

AFMB, with the support and collaboration of Amics del Hospital del Mar Foundation, has already carried out two solidarity events for families as an opportunity to recognize Hospital del Mar’s work and to demonstrate that there are 1000 reasons to collaborate in the fight against this pathology.

During the event, the head of Medical Oncology at Hospital del Mar, Joan Albanell, has explained that this donation will be dedicated to support one of the most promising aspects of oncology, immunotherapy. A treatment that is still in the process of being developed but in which the Hospital del Mar and its research center IMIM (Hospital del Mar Medical Research Institute) have made a strong commitment.

According to statistics, 1 in 10 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer throughout their lives. “The story of the fight against this pathology is successful, with a survival rate of 85%” said Albanell. For this reason, the research will be based on developing treatments for one of the most aggressive types of breast cancer, triple-negative, which represents 15% of all cases.

The president of the AFMB, David López, concluded the ceremony by highlighting that these actions will continue with the aim of “reaching the maximum number of people possible and being able to help breast cancer research through these micro donations that all the citizens have been made “.

Enjoy Sant Joan's day at Barceloneta
Family event: Thank you for demonstrating, once again, that there are #1000raons to fight against breast cancer.

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