AFM Barceloneta or Associació Front Marítim Barceloneta, a nonprofit organisation, was set up to generate social initiatives to enhance one of Barcelona’s most emblematic neighbourhoods, the Barceloneta. It is an area known for it rich social, culinary, cultural and architectural diversity.

The association brings together several companies that operate on the sea front. Its key concerns are to act in the interest of the residents, enhancing family life, neighbourhood security and the economic development of the district and its inhabitants.

Associació Front Marítim Barceloneta represents several companies which live in and love the neighbourhood and are firmly committed to its future. Its Founding Members are: Shôko, Carpe Diem, Ice Bar, Pacha, Touché, Opium Barcelona and Coconut Club.

The association’s goal is to spearhead the growth of a unique area of excellence, working in partnership with the local authorities and neighbours to promote civic awareness, cleanliness, safety and good neighbourhood relations.

The association shares with the residents and the local authorities the same concerns about the sustainability of the area, a place in which businesses, leisure, tourism and residents are all seeking to exist side-by-side in a peaceful, environmentally friendly and safe environment. Front Marítim aims to bring its members closer to the neighbourhood, to share in its problems and to reach out the residents and the local administration to upgrade the area, minimize the impact of the influx of mass tourism and to reinstate the public spaces as areas for nurturing good social relations and integration.

The Associació Front Marítim intends to implement the following plan to enhance the sectors indicated below and hopes it will be endorsed by the businesses and groups who share its aims and approach.

Citizen Platform: Associació Front Marítim Barceloneta has set up an online citizen platform – – in order to inform, facilitate and enhance life in the neighbourhood. This website will offer information about cultural, educational and leisure activities in the area; about the long-standing local businesses; its members; actions supporting the community, employment and security; actions to protect the sea environment and any information considered valuable for the development of the area. Here you will find a community which supports the neighbourhood’s residents. Our platform aims to deliver a valuable service for the residents and for visitors who wish to learn about and enhance the area.

Employment Plan: The Associació Front Marítim’s website and Proa a la Mar are offering this platform to help Barceloneta residents find employment in the area. Every year the Ciutat Vella loses 11% of its residents. The AFM Barceloneta intends to help restore the area’s local population through its local employment project so that Barcelona residents from the Barceloneta neighbourhood can continue to live here and not be forced to leave their homes.

We want to help create jobs that promote a healthy work-life balance. We aim to reconcile tourism and the residents of the area so that they can exist, harmoniously, side by side and complement each other. We wish to implement a plan to enable tourism to coexist with sustainable living. Our goal is to promote the creation of local jobs through the commitment of its members.

Quality employment will be generated and all the members must comply with certain regulations to prevent job insecurity.

You can send your CV to

The Members currently employ more than 1,000 family members each year.

Local Development Plan: Associació Front Marítim wishes to support local shops and businesses through an action plan to promote the neighbourhood’s products and services. It has proposed organising a series of events over the year revolving around different themes in order to promote businesses in the Barceloneta. It will support the local resources to consolidate a mixed economic ecosystem, diversity and sustainability. We wish to assist the area’s longstanding businesses, service providers, individual entrepreneurs and SME’s which deliver services needed by the residents, boosting the economy through events that will be held in the neighbourhood.

Local businesses are invited to become members of the Association. Its website and social media will support them in their advertising efforts and their launch.

As well as promoting activities and businesses online, the association will organise events to boost their physical presence, whereby coordinating the Offline and Online activities by adopting new technologies and setting down roots in the area.

Cultural Development Plan: We wish to promote culture, art and creative development in the Barceloneta district. The website will promote artists, craftspeople and creatives to defend and raise the profile of the neighbourhood’s artistic talent. Itineraries of cultural and architectural interest will be created so that anyone interested can learn about the neighbourhood’s history and its past influences. We encourage all creatives to send us information about their project to This way we can produce content to support your proposals and to help you develop your talent through our publicity and the events we organise.

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