The recently formed Associació Front Marítim has created a job notice board with 150 jobs between May and October, primarily for the residents of the Barceloneta. Front Marítim has signed an Employment and Local Development Pact for Barceloneta, backed by Barceloneta Proa la Mar. This new community initiative focuses on local development in the area.

The Pact is a manifestation of the commitment by residents, associations, educational and cultural institutions, services, shops, businesses, local authorities and political parties to the socio-economic development model of the Barceloneta community. It is model that responds to the needs of the population, one that is environmentally friendly and which has been developed based on input from the residents. It is an investment in the collective effort of a variety of active neighbourhood representatives, and a pledge to become involved in and to take co-responsibility with the community.

Among the job types offered by the Associació Front Marítim member businesses are public relations, hostesses, waiters, chefs de partie, head chefs, kitchen assistants, bar managers, barmen, section heads and managers, among others.

Businesses from the Barceloneta formed the Front Marítim association in order to develop an area of excellence that is unique in Spain. Working with the local authorities and neighbours, it promotes civic awareness, employment and good relations among the residents in the area.

The association shares the same concerns as the residents and the local authorities regarding sustainability in an area that is home to businesses, as well as leisure and tourism activities, while fostering good neighbourhood relations in a peaceful, environmentally friendly and safe environment. Front Marítim aims to bring its members closer to the neighbourhood, to share in its problems, to reach out to the residents and local authorities to upgrade the area, to minimize the impact of the influx of mass tourism and to reinstate the public spaces as areas for fostering social relations and integration.





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