On the 13th of November of 1931, La Vanguardia opened its edition with the following headline: “Enjoy watching the indescribable city´s panorama, the port and the Mediterranean. From the beach to the delightful gardens of Montjuïc in only four minutes.”

86 years have passed since it started its engines for the first time and nowadays it has become one of the main attractions of the Barcelona.

The harbour´s cable car was designed by Cales Buïgas, the author of Montjüic´s Font Magica. The objective was to cover the trail from Montjuïc to the Maritime sector for the Exposicion Universal of 1929, but unfortunately, they could not make it on time.

During the civil war, the cables were taken off and the towers were used as a strategic place of defence at Barcelona´s port. It was not until 1963 that it opened again and in the late 90s it was mechanically remodelled without losing its vintage appearance that characterizes it.

The emblematic red cabins have become a symbol of the city, such as the San Sebastian tower at the Barceloneta quarter or the Torre de Jaime I, next to the World Trade Centre at the pier. The last station is Miramar, in the Montjuïc Mountain, located 58m above the sea level.

You can take the cable car in whichever of the three stops. The cable car has capacity for 19 people and we suggest you pick a place close to one of the windows to enjoy the beautiful city views.

The schedule varies depending on the season and you can check them out on its website. During July and august, it opens at 10h30 and the last one is at 20h00. The one-way ticket costs 11€ and the roundtrip one costs 16, 50€, hence it is better to take the second option.

Without any doubts, it is an experience that kids and adults will enjoy to the fullest.

The Rellotge Tower
A Cultural route by the Barceloneta

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