The deep-rooted fishing legacy, the endearing character of its habitants, and the unique tradition behind it, make the Barceloneta district one of the most emblematic of the city of Barcelona.

This weekend, from May 19 to 21, we invite you to soak up their customs and culture attending the “Fiesta de los Coros”, a popular party that is more than 150 years old. Originally, during these days, the neighbors of the area carried out exchanges of goods between the fishing villages and those that where at the interior the city. Currently, the locals of this neighborhood come together in the so-called “choirs” which are groups of people who dress the streets with joy, festivity and entertainment in an humurous way.


In the past, people went out with some elements that were a sign of their work profession, such as a fishing rod or the rudder of a boat. This tradition is still going on, although people are trying to innovate by relating their clothing to a current topic or, simply, a humorous one.

A celebration where the real protagonists are Barceloneta’s guilds and neighbors, who are transformed into total entertainers involving everyone who wants to be part of this wonderful celebration, and spreading the party spirit and the love they feel for their neighborhood.

Although there is a great atmosthere during the whole weekend, the essence of this party can be seen at the peak hours, when the choirs appear transforming the streets into a true carnival of music and color.


Saturday, May 19:

Cors Muts of Barceloneta. Where all the Choirs of Barceloneta participate.

Hours: from 8 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon.

Monday, May 21:

Second Easter. Cors Muts of Barceloneta. Where all the Choirs of Barceloneta participate.

Hours: from 5 in the afternoon to 12 at night


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