AFM Barceloneta or Associació Front Marítim Barceloneta, a nonprofit organisation, was created for the purpose of supporting the improvement of one of Barcelona’s most emblematic areas, the Barceloneta. This socially, culinary, culturally and architecturally rich neighbourhood lies right next to the sea.

Bringing together several companies which operate on the sea front, the association’s mission is to safeguard the interests of the residents and to enhance family life, neighbourhood security and the area’s and its inhabitant’s economic development.

AFM Barceloneta’s mission is:

To ensure a safe neighbourhood.

To develop a policy to generate local employment.

To set up and implement social and family-oriented action plans.

Associació Front Marítim Barceloneta represents several companies that live in and love the area and are firmly committed to its future.

Our platform aims to provide a valuable service for the residents, as well as for visitors wishing to learn more about and enhance the area. We want it to become an instrument of participation through which you can send us your feedback and suggestions for improvements

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