Either if you are on vacations or if you are lucky enough to live in a city that has a beach such as Barcelona, you should definitely take advantage of the natural surroundings to get in shape.

The running activity has been widespread almost all over the world during the last years. And almost everyone has gone running at least once in their lives to breath fresh air.

The pavement of the city, the hotness and the pollution, makes us look for different alternatives for the practice of this sport. Hence, during the summer, the combination of running and beach is perfect.

The Barceloneta Beach, without any doubt, is the perfect option if we are in the city and we want to go somewhere close.

Here, we will leave you 5 tips for you to enjoy this sport at the beach in a safe way.

1. Better choosing the sunrise or the sunset:

although it might sound way too logical, because of the high temperatures that the summer brings, sometimes the lack of time makes us practice this activity at the sunniest hours. It is better to avoid running at noon, for not taking the risk of suffering a heat stroke. The best hours are: early in the morning or from 7pm on.

2.Better with running shoes than barefoot:

there is the myth that running barefoot helps you to experience the landing of your feet in a better way. However, it is not recommended. A good running shoe with a waterproof membrane facilitates the damping and avoids muscle decompensations and plantar fasciitis.

3.Always use sunscreen:

even if we already said that running during the hours of less solar exposure is the key, during summer, the sun can burn your skin at any hour of the day. Therefore, it is always recommended to use skin protection.

4. Wet or dry sand?

This is one of the doubts we have when going for a run at the beach for the first time. The experts conclude that is better at the shore since the sand is wet and firm. In this way, the terrain gives us back the energy that we exercise. The dry and soft sand can be useful for training that complements the run. For example, you can do sprints in this type of sand. And in this way, you will burn fat and strength your legs and cardiovascular system.

5. For how long?

It’s not convenient to plan excessive long sessions of this activity. Running at the beach is way more tiring and even in small doses, brings benefits. Hence, if we abuse, we can have a negative effect in our joints. The best thing to do is to alternate the usual pavement practice with the one on the beach.

Take advantage of this sport to enjoy the environment: the sun, the air and even more, the sea. Taking a swim after a running session is perfect to relax our bodies and minds.

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